Would you hate someone for being your sister's boyfriend?

Answer I wouldn't, but it is normal. I think you should give him a chance unless he is a jerk and treats your sister wrong.

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Should older brother hate someone for being his sister's boyfriend?

No, as long as he is good and not cheating on your sister or anything

Name someone you would want in your wedding ceremony who you'd hate to bring on your honeymoon?

Family Feud: ParentsChildrenSiblingsBride's MaidFriendsMinisterBest Man

Why would Someone Hate all videos on YouTube?

Because he's is lying, he has no life and wants to sound superior. Just tell him when you see him say you have no credibility. He'll get mad and have to show you one of his films. Cheers!

You are only eleven and you and your two younger sisters ages two and six are being abused by your mom n what do u do?