Would you hate someone for being your sister's boyfriend?

Answer I wouldn't, but it is normal. I think you should give him a chance unless he is a jerk and treats your sister wrong.

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Why do sisters hate brothers?

I'm a sister myself and so I understand... sisters usually hate brothers because they are dirty, foul and live differently to them. Also, usually brothers pick on their sisters. Another perfectly g... Read More »

Why do sisters mostly get along with their sisters' husbands and will be glad to see their sisters happy with their husbands but same sisters mostly trouble their brothers' wives and jealous of them?

The generalization implied in this question is over broad. While some sisters may be jealous of their brothers' wives others are not and get along with them very well. People get jealous for many r... Read More »

How to Deal With Your Best Friend's Boyfriend That You Hate So Much?

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Should older brother hate someone for being his sister's boyfriend?

No, as long as he is good and not cheating on your sister or anything