Would you go without deodourant even if you had a bath everyday?

Answer No.

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Why does my dog smell, even after a bath?

Dogs have a distinctive smell that can be unpleasant to the human nose. Bathing usually helps remove the dog smell, but some dogs smell bad even after they have been bathed.InfectionA skin infectio... Read More »

I hate being around sweating and smelling humanity on public transport. Do all people bath everyday in summer?

sure there are some that do not take a bath but the main problem is there are alot of hard working people out there that have no transportation,they rely on public transportation.Now do you really ... Read More »

Why do i smell bad even though i bath once a month?

u should be proud of yourself... u know.. there was this guy from Britain(some earl) who bathed only thrice his life. u should keep him as you role model... rich ppl do not bath so often either.u s... Read More »

How come some people stink even after they take a bath and put deorderant on?

Likely they have clogged lymph glands. There is an herb called Lobelia that can help cleanse the lymph system - could probably fast for a day or 2 with nothing but water, juice and broth to allow ... Read More »