Would you get a flu shot if you saw this first this is crazy.?

Answer Never, me and my family uses homeopathic medicine. A healthy happy family that's what we are we seldom get sick. Hey check out Soul Doctors and Minx questions and their answers you will find good l... Read More »

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I found this for $400 - NEW - would I be CRAZY not to buy it.....................?

Its $3000 US -- $400 is EXTREMLY cheap... Sounds like a to good to be true sort of thing. I wouldnt touch it with a 10" pole..

Parents (first or adoptive), if you knew your child would be like adoptees on this board, would you still?

I would give anything to spare him the heartache and pain of adoption and given the chance I wouldn't have relinquished at all BUT if my son turns out like "us" I have no problem with it. He will b... Read More »

Would this be a good idea for a tattoo (first)?

Would this police/ems/fire scanner work for this area in NC?

Lincoln County and the city of Lincolnton do use analog frequencies. So , the BC72XLT will work. I did notice that Lincoln County has channels on the digital radio system that the state of North Ca... Read More »