Would you fix or replace a 5-year-old computer?

Answer It's time to replace it. 5 years ago, technology was maybe 1/2 of the technology existent today. So much has changed that keeping that computer will probably only give you an additionaly year, if... Read More »

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If a 17 year old and a 29 year old had sex and a 17 year old got pregnant would he go to jail if they were engaged?

It's possible, if she (or her parents) filed a "statutory rape" complaint with the police, but it's likely that he would "merely" be obliged to pay child support for 18 years. It would depend on t... Read More »

Would an 18-year-old get in trouble for getting a 15-year-old pregnant if the mother of the girl approves?

Answer No, but God only knows why she isn't angry with you. 15 years old is very young. She is a child herself and having a child. I have no idea what you plan to do about this or if you both ar... Read More »

How many years of prison would a fourteen year old get for rapping a two year old?

I really don't know but i hope they would serve their whole life in prison for doing some nasty thing like that, so they could feel what that 2 year older (baby) felt, NOT being able to defend thei... Read More »

Would an 18-year-old get in trouble for getting a 14-year-old girl pregnant?

Answer You will be going to the slammer! That prosecutor, judge etc is not going to care! they are going home to a nice warm dinner! When you get to the slammer a lot of inmates will who are pseudo... Read More »