Would you feel happy if there was a wikipedia article about you?

Answer As someone who's been involved as a member of the community of Wikipedia, I don't think I'd have a big problem with there being a Wikipedia article about me. For one thing, sure, while Wikipedia is... Read More »

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Is there an article on Wikipedia about you?

no.. i dont think anyone can do that unless youre famous or something..

Several months ago or maybe years there was an article written on wikipedia about arrogance but for some reaso?

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My Wikipedia article has not deleted past 7 days, wikipedia will delete my article?

'Some warning message' is pretty vague. Follow the instructions on the warning template to find out what to do. If it is a deletion template, it could be any of four different types:* PROD (propose... Read More »

Why does Wikipedia allow an article about The Swingtips, but not about SEO 2.0?

Why Wikipediots do anything is often a mystery, even though their response to this particular query is extremely predictable: WP:OTHERSTUFFEXISTS. My best guess in this particular case is that Wiki... Read More »