Would you feel comfortable puting nude pics of your post partum body on the internet?

Answer No, but there are a couple pictures of me during my labor(nothing too revealing) on the website of my midwives.As for your question, I wouldn't be too comfortable showing my pre or post nude body a... Read More »

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How to Feel Comfortable With Your Body?

Looking at picture perfect pictures of people in magazines and television can make you feel less than comfortable with your body. Even looking at people who you know or see in places, such as the m... Read More »

What are the causes of post-partum depression?

Postpartum depression may develop after the birth of a new baby. Many women experience some depression in the first few weeks after childbirth, but when symptoms persist for longer, medical treatme... Read More »

How to Recognize Post Partum Depression?

Experiencing unhappiness after childbirth, sometimes referred to as the “baby blues,” is not the same as having post partum depression. Up to 85 percent of mothers experience the “baby bluesâ... Read More »

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