Would you ever eat a panda ?

Answer No way :OI would never that would be cruel :(

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How to Wash a Panda Bear at the Wolong Panda Center?

washing panda at wolong panda centerHow to make application for washing panda at Wolong Panda center? How to wash a panda as trip to Wolong?

How are the red panda&giant panda different?

Both the red panda (Ailurus Fulgens) and the giant panda (Ailuropoda Melanoleuca) are endangered due to habitat loss. According to National Geographic, there are only about 1,000 giant pandas left ... Read More »

What Do You Like to get at Panda Express?

It's a toss up between mushroom chicken, sweet fire chicken, and kung pao. :)

What is the name of a baby panda?

A baby panda is called a cub. When born, the cub is completely helpless, hairless and approximately the size of a stick of butter. Panda cubs can stay under their mother's care from birth up to 3 y... Read More »