Would you ever drink a Beer made out of Chocolate?

Answer I heard about that when it was an idea and I gotta tell ya....i`m bloody intrigued..

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What would i drink since i dont like beer?

First i wouldn't drink just to join a group. Thats the wrong reason, of course i dont think there is a right reason either. I dont like the taste of beer either and im getting tired of mixed drinks... Read More »

Would you rather drink chocolate,strawberry or vanilla milk?

chocolate milk...nice, but vanilla sounds yummy too... i like strawberry but like a fruit...i get "sick" when i drink strawberry milk

Would it be okay to drink a bock beer thats been around since 1982?

I drank a beer that was 6 months past its 'best by' made me violently illwhisk(e)y, wine, scotch are meant to drink after they've aged, aging adds to their flavor, and essence ...kinda li... Read More »

Would you still drink alcohol if it was made illegal?