Would you enter a restaurant to eat if it were to be closing in 10 minutes?

Answer No. It would be cold leftovers.

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Is it rude to go into a restaurant 5 minutes before closing and expect to get served?

Rude? Hardly. It's a matter of management declaring to the public some vague information. When I read the hours sign I never know if the last seating is just before they close the doors or do I ... Read More »

Does getting to a store 9 minutes before closing time justify denial of service?

Depends on what kind of store you are patronizing and what their policies are. Sometimes the workers will clear the store and not let anyone enter towards closing time.If you knew what you wanted ... Read More »

When does a consumer enter into a contract with a restaurant?

Any time a consumer makes an expressed offer of intent to purchase the goods and services of a restaurant, a contract comes into being. In the restaurant business, this happens when a customer orde... Read More »

Would you like to eat at a restaurant that serves curry wrap sandwiches in 5 minutes or less?