Would you enjoy some of my favorite chicago foods on my behalf please!!!!?

Answer chicago ... chicago ... I miss it, too. i'm not from there, but I love visiting, and i LOVE the food!

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What are some websites a 4 year old would enjoy?

www.nickjr.comwww.pbskids.orgIf it's a girl, try one of those barbie websites, with games in it. It's mostly about fashion and princessy things, but some little girls enjoy it, especially my niece.... Read More »

What are some odd foods in other countries we would say gross to?

There are all sorts of things people think are gross just because they are "foreign" to them...Blood puddingTripeSquidOctopusSushiSeafood in generalDuckDeerNutriaMenudoHaggisPorkMeatCamel's MilkGoa... Read More »

Please suggest some hot foods for my 4 years son this winter which should be hygienic and economical?

Give him dry fruits e.g. Almonds +Cashewnut+ Resins + Pistachu + Wall nut average weight 100 gm daily at bed time.Also give him milk duly boiled with some saffron leaves.Take 50 gm Azwain & drop i... Read More »

What are your favorite pizza toppings I need some good ideas, please :)?

Mushroom!! I eat only veggie pizza. I hate meat on pizza. I am just weird like that. :D