Would you eat the moon if it were made of ribs?

Answer I would eat it all the more if they fell off the bone tender.I like the Budwesier idea.

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When were moon shoes made?

One of the first appearances for moon shoes was on the Nickelodeon children's game show, Double Dare in the late 1980s. Through a licensing agreement with Nickelodeon, the shoes were first marketed... Read More »

Who made moon shoes?

Nickelodeon first marketed Moon Shoes in the early 1990s. Before mass production, these anti-gravity jumping shoes were test marketed in the Chicago area, by Toys R Us. Moon shoes require no batter... Read More »

Is the moon made of cheese?

Why, yes............Swiss cheese and during global warming we all need to wear protective hats to keep the melting cheese off our heads.

Is the moon made of cheddar cheese?

Without a shadow of a doubt the moon is made of cheese. If Wallace and Gromit say that it’s made of cheese then it has to be, they went to the moon and had some cheese on crackers. (mmm cheese an... Read More »