Would you eat some chicken if I said I would kill another chicken if you didn't?

Answer This question(variations of it), has been asked numerous times in this forum. Honestly, I would not eat the first chicken if you were blackmailing me by threatening another. The truth is, while I w... Read More »

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Curry Chicken Sweet & Sour Chicken Or General Tso's Chicken Which would you prefer?

They are all pretty tasty! Add to that list Sesame Chicken.. a bit of a cross between sweet & sour and General Tso's chicken. I usually would go for the Curry Chicken because its can be made healt... Read More »

Would you kill a chicken if that was the only way you would get to eat it?

What would you do if some one said they are going to kill someone?

ummmmmm unless they looked like they were joking, TELL THE POLICE

If the Coon Chicken Inn would reopen, how many people would eat there?

Ah yes...IFC is showing CSA again aren't they.....No one would be able to get past the lines of people holding up protest signs to get in IMHO>