Would you eat meat if it could be produced entirely without cruelty?

Answer Three things come to mind -- Is it ethical to play God?- I never really liked meat when I did eat it.- There are still health hazards to eating meat.

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If you KNEW your meat was cruelty free, would you eat it?

I am fortunate enough to have my own hens (Nugget, Cheddar, Henabelle and Henrietta), and my own lovely cow, Abigail. I consider their eggs and milk enough of a gift-no need to kill them for food.... Read More »

Does eating meat *directly* support animal cruelty?

yes definitely check the movie Earthlingsunless you raise open range chickens and kill them yourselfchickens killed in an abattoir are not killed in a very nice way and its even worse for cows ,and... Read More »

How is lunch meat produced?

Lunch meats is made from whole cuts of meat or pressed, chopped meat. Producers cook lunch meats using various methods to prepare them for consumption.Whole CutsThe most expensive lunch meats are m... Read More »

Numbers of ATP that produced from glucose that produced from glycogenolysis?

Do you mean "Glycolysis" instead of glycogenolysis?Glycolysis is the metabolic pathway that converts glucose C6H12O6, into pyruvate, CH3COCOO− + H+. The free energy released in this process is us... Read More »