Would you eat in a restaurant where the help was all naked?

Answer just for the hell of it. can you imagine blokes having to wear hair nets round their balls?!

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If you could have a free dinner for two at any restaurant in the world, where would you go?

It would depend on who the other one was, or even maybe whether I could go twice on my own.Neah, eating alone is no fun, so it would be with my wife, and she's Thai and doedn't like western food. S... Read More »

If i appeared naked on your bed what would you do?

Which magnitude would appear brightest to the naked eye?

The brightest magnitude depends on what you are seeing and is theoretically an unlimited negative number. The brightest star, Sirius, is a magnitude -1.4. The brightest planet, Venus, shines at mag... Read More »

Where can I fin the NAKED palette from urban decay (except sephora) where it could maybe be cheap?

I bought mine at ULTA and it was cheaper than it was at Sephora, etc. because it was on sale for like a week and I used a coupon.I love buying things from ULTA because they send out coupons often a... Read More »