Would you eat food you found?

Answer I might, if it was sealed up in packaging and smelled OK. What did you do with it?You can eat vegetables without being a vegetarian, you know. LOL

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What would you do if you just found out you would not live to old age?

Live life to the full, travel don't let it get you down which I know would be hard but you will ruin what time you do have. Make a bucket list and make sure you make time to do the list. Sorry to h... Read More »

Food! What popular food chain would you like to see in your town?

Bahama Breeze, PF Changs, EL Torito, Pei Wei, CPK, Cheesecake Factory, TGIFs...We actually have all of these restaurants, I would just like them closer to my location

If you had to choose over having Greek food or Italian food, which one would it be?

I would choose Greek food becaue I'm a proud Greek male and our food "ROCKS". Our meals are tasty and diverse and our desserts are awesome. Everyone eats Greek a lot more than Italian and we are... Read More »

What food is silicon found in?

Silicon is an important mineral for the body. It helps strengthen bones, keep skin clear and adds flexibility to joints. We get our silicon from our diet, making it important to know which foods ar... Read More »