Would you eat fish just to have a smart Kid?

Answer heyaI don't eat fish, and I can't tell you if I would or woudn't.I think it depends on a few factors. a- how real you think this article is, they always come up with discovery's, and they are not a... Read More »

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I have a samsung smart tv which works with my router , i have just installed a new router but i cannot get itv?

" i get a message on the tv saying that i need to upgrade the firmware"If you're having trouble doing that, you should really contact Samsung.

If I get a Samsung smart 3D bluray player would it be compatable with a LG Cinema 3D Smart TV?

Yes. Brand compatibility is not an issue with mainstream consumer electronics such as these. Staying within a brand may provide convenience features, such as remote control cross compatibility out ... Read More »

My cat's have just been eating the fish pie I was making for my family! Shall I still serve it?

Go on, what they don't know won't hurt them. : )

I have just bought an lg smart internet tv 32LV3710 and i want to connect to the internet. how best to do this?

Hi Cliffordthe television needs an aerial just like any other television be it a terrestrial or extra terrestrial will usually also need a connection to a router from a broadband line to... Read More »