Would you eat creepy crawlies?

Answer Yes.In fact, I used to eat bugs as a child. Some of them taste pretty horrid, though.Most people don't know this, but bugs are actually a natural human food. Most native cultures eat bugs. I think ... Read More »

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How to Not Be Creepy?

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How to Be a Creepy Girl?

Do you want to be a creepy, doll-like, wicked girl who everyone is freaked out by but just can't get enough of? This article is for you.

How to Be a Creepy Person?

Have you ever wanted to be that creep down the street? The scariest person at school? Well read on fellow creepers!

Need some help! *Creepy Weed*?

Well, you can actually become addicted to weed, as in any other drug out there. It would take awhile to become addicted to it, but it wont happen the first time you try it! Enjoy!