Would you eat at restaurant if you saw cockroach?

Answer Would it be on the food? that would be disgusting..

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Three Signs of Cockroach Infestation in a Restaurant?

Cockroaches enjoy restaurants. Roaches discover cupboards, floors and work surfaces where they can eat anything from crumbs to discarded meat. Restaurants offer plenty of places for cockroaches to ... Read More »

If a cockroach fall into soapy water, will the water turn dirty or will the cockroach get clean?

Both. The dirt from the cockroach will just dissolve and mix with the soapy water. So we can assume the cockroach will be cleaned and the water will be dirty.

What restaurant would you go to on your birthday?

I would go for the grill for healthy option. But everyone of them when a cheat day or a 'bulking phase'

Would you eat in a restaurant where the help was all naked?

just for the hell of it. can you imagine blokes having to wear hair nets round their balls?!