Would you eat another person if you had nothing else to eat?

Answer No, id probably rather die.

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If you had to take one thing from your house.........but nothing else for safe keeping what would it be?

Which from this list would you have for breakfast if you had nothing else in your fridge?

A and C Scooter. Everybody knows Buffalos can't fly, and egg plant is just yucky.I'm thinkin Blueberry canpakes for tomorrow mornin

If the person on the train next to you blew off, would you ask them to move to another seat?

I'd challenge them to a contest and the loser would buy the drinks. I always carry a jar of pickled sprouts on the off chance of this opportunity arising.

Why would a person on one hand constantly find fault in everything you do but then turn around and tell you how good you are at something else?

Not stable enough or for want of a better word 'togehter' enough, or 'secure enough as a person' to take seriously. Don't give 100% value or merit to what they say, even 50% 10% merit etc. Look at ... Read More »