Would you eat a human to stay alive?

Answer I went on a fast for two weeks without any food and lost 30 pounds. I drank a lot of water and it was no problem. After 3 days, you are not hungry and have plenty of energy. Two weeks is not bad... Read More »

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Would you become a cannibal to stay alive ?

hmm i think anyone would if that was the only way to stay alive

Why do you stay alive?

because theres little things that come up out of all the bad big things in the world that make me happy , and i like coming across those once in awhile, i could do that if i just gave up now could i?

How to Stay Alive in Earthbound?

Having a tough time playing Earthbound? This guide might help you stay alive in the game.

How Do Cut Flowers Stay Alive?

When cut, flowers are separated from the rest of the plant, which gives them life. In order to keep cut flowers fresh, a homeowner must supply them with water and food, as if the flowers were still... Read More »