Would you eat a human for 5 million dollars?

Answer Hell, I'd eat my OWN LEGS if I could for 5 million dollars. I could buy prosthetic ones that would probably be more efficient over the years but seriously, 5 mil?Pass the hot sauce... Read More »

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If I had a million dollars...?

You'd have barely enough to retire on if you invested it wisely and lived like a normal middle-class family.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Pay for my University Education so I don't go any further in debt with student loans

A million dollars.?

Someone seriously gave you an assignment on how to spend one million dollars?How's this:$500,000 - invested for your future$500,000 - comittee to investigate why someone would assign such a STUPID ... Read More »

If you won a million dollars?

I would invest in bonds because bonds, especially government bonds, are a safe investment. I would buy cheap homes then renovate them because I always wanted to become a homeowner and a landlord. I... Read More »