Would you drill into someones head to save there lives?

Answer If the child has a fever more then 3 days you should seek a doctor. Children's dose of Tylenol is OK to give the child, but DO NOT give the child Aspirin - it is strongly indicated in Reye's Syndro... Read More »

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What drill bit is best suited to drill into lawn mower blade?

you'll want to heat the metal first on hardened steel...then proceed to the drill press with a good quality bit. no made in china or other cheap bits....a good bit will run aprox 8.00 each t... Read More »

Can you shut down someones internet if i live in England and he lives in America?

Short answer to that is, you couldn't do it even if you tried.Don't take to much notice what you see in films.What happens in films does NOT happen in real life!Funny that you don't even say what y... Read More »

How to Turn Your Drill Into a Drywall Drill?

Drywall screws are an effective, efficient and lasting way of fastening drywall to your walls. Professional contractors have special drills with a chuck and bit attachment designed to set the screw... Read More »

HARRY POTTER FANS: If you had a pensieve, what memories would be in there that you would constantly jump into?

This is actually a really difficult question. I think the youngest one would be when I wrote my younger sisters name on the wall with crayon. She used to do the Z in her name backwards so I did tha... Read More »