Would you do this?

Answer I don't know if I would personally, but I am married to a fireman and thank God there are people that would!!!

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Would this Alienware X51 run Skyrim/Battlefield 3 What settings would it allow?

well this can not only run skyrim and battlefield but can easily max out any games on the market right now, you've got all ready for gaming i7 + 16gb ram + 660gtx is more than enough right now.....

Would you find this gross Would you even notice?

haha i do this all the time, but its usually a ponytail. if you have bangs, wash them in the sink (30 second job) with like a drop of shampoo and so your bangs will be clean and nobody will notice ... Read More »

I would like to get my link to be at the top of google searches. How would I do this?

It's all about quality inbound links.Google has a lot of criteria, including the age of a site, meta tags, all that. But the biggest one is inbound links - they have to use a keyword as anchor text... Read More »

How long would you say a patient like this would live?