Would you describe Wikipedia as a trustable source and why?

Answer Not at all. I would describe Wikipedia as a MMPORPG.The goal of the players in the Wikipedia game isn't to create a "trustable" encyclopedia, it is to enshrine their own biases and opinions into on... Read More »

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Is Wikipedia trustable?

There are so many wrong answers here it's difficult to know where to start . . . Wikipedia has been found to have fewer errors per page than the Encyclopedia Britannica. So said the CEO on the Cha... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a trustable resourse?

Anything that has the ability to be edited by just anyone cannot be trusted. A lot of people are totally clueless and think they have all the answers, and some even post on Wikipedia.

Would Wikipedia be considered a good source for an essay?

Absolutely not! Wikipedia is useful for personal knowledge, but never a reliable source for an essay.However, it is a great place to get a good overview of your subject and find initial sources. As... Read More »

Is wikipedia a bad source?

i use it all the time and it is just peoples views from what they may have read elsewhere so i always back it up by looking for the information on other websites too, because in some research ive d... Read More »