Would you date someone who ate meat (vegetarians/vegans only)?

Answer I'm a vegetarian with a meat loving hubby. There's never been any issue or bad feelings with it. I respect that he likes meat, and he respects that I don't. :) As with any differences people ... Read More »

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Is it bad to not date a meat eater?

We usually want to date people who are of similar interests and mentalities. If you feel strongly about being a vegetarian, I think it makes perfect sense to not date a meat-eater. There is a big d... Read More »

Is it okay to date a meat eater?

Ashley you don`t half ask some dumb questions but this one takes the proverbial biscuit I hope you are just asking a general question & don`t mean it from a personal viewpoint - I can`t make my min... Read More »

Is it immoral to date a meat eater?

Everyone has their own opinions regarding meat eating and just because you are a vegan doesn't make someone who eats meat an immoral person or a murderer. Someone who kills animals for sport is a m... Read More »

How long is meat good after the sell by date?

Poultry, sausage and ground meat should be frozen or cooked after one to two days. Beef, pork and lamb should be frozen or cooked after three to five days. Meat can remain frozen indefinitely, but ... Read More »