Would you date me if.......................?

Answer probably not,, u sound just like the rest of the male population. lol

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If you could date any celebrity, which one would it be and why Would you go all the way on the first date?

Kristen Bell(Veronica Mars)She's hot, she's Polish like me and she's a vegan like me.I'd go all the way anytime she wanted to..........

If you could date any celebrity in the world who would you date Who's the last celebrity you'd date?

I'd date Reggie Bush. In fact, he's my future husband, lol.The last person I'd date is Dustin Diamond. Have you ever seen Celebrity Fit Club? Yeah, well, even if you haven't...yuck.

You would like to know why you would need to have a sonogram 3 weeks before due date because the doctor thinks the baby is a little small?

Answer The doctors would be wanting to know if the baby is really as small as it seems to be. It is very difficult to tell from the outside. It may show that there is no problem, or it may be able ... Read More »

Would You Date...?

1. Yes, but only if they don't try to force their religion on me. I'm an Atheist and I like it that way.2. Of course. Color is not important, and I'm biracial. 3. Only if the person doesn't constan... Read More »