Would you cry (continued. . .)?

Answer 6 ABSOLUTELY I'm alergic it's awful7 No I have pleanty of em they don't hurt that bad8 No It's happened 9 yes I'm an emotional wuss10 no sucks horribly but that kind of pain you deal with.

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Vegetarian survey CONTINUED?

vegetarian, and i think it's a great idea. it's hard going out to eat sometimes when you are really hungry and all you can eat is a stupid salad. good luck. more power to you.

Should be "The Dark Knight " continued?

SPOILERSI think it's sadly ironic that the Joker survived and Heath Ledger didn't. If he hadn't died, I'd say definitely continue! But out of respect for him, they shouldn't replace him after such ... Read More »

How do I print this webpage (continued)?

screen capture it then print it. so error for sureyou can use snagit. also theres an extension for google chrome that allows u to capture the entire picture

What are the obstacles for continued success of Wikipedia?

The reason for success:Its advertising. Its shown as 1st reference site by Google and many other search engines. The obstacles:Competition.