Would you consider this fat and I need help with makeup!?

Answer You are perfectly fine! At 14, you are still growing and you don't have to be perfectly skinny because that wouldn't be healthy. As long as you continue eating healthy and exercising, you should be... Read More »

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Would you consider my makeup buys expensive?

I'm 15 and I honestly spend the same that you do every few months. Except different products of coarse! I honestly think its not TOOO much. But it may be more than the average Jane. If your content... Read More »

I need help i lost with my star view box need info plzzz help this is doin my head in?

What would you consider your makeup necessities?

my skin type is combination... so i get oily on my t-zone and i have dryness on my cheeks and what not..but my makeup necessities are:-liquid foundation ( revlon colorstay foundation)- powder [ my ... Read More »

Would you consider this to be fat?

hi! well first don't obsess over it, it'll make things WAY harder and mess with your point of view on things (if that makes sense) also the main thing to do is eat healthy e.g absolutely no junk fo... Read More »