Would you consider this entertaining?

Answer It is an affront to all righteous, card carrying beardos!You have been reported for this abuse. Such mockery must not be allowed to go unpunished. ;)

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Would you consider this to be fat?

hi! well first don't obsess over it, it'll make things WAY harder and mess with your point of view on things (if that makes sense) also the main thing to do is eat healthy e.g absolutely no junk fo... Read More »

Would you consider this to be a bowl cut (pic)?

Oh my gosh, not even close! I have no idea why your friend would think that your hair is a bowl-cut. A bowl-cut is usally considered when it looks like a person stcuk a bowl in their head and cut... Read More »

Why would I even consider this?

Oh, Geo, I am so glad!!! Why? Your son just has RSV. Do you know how common that is in infants? INCREDIBLY. Hell, I even had it when I was about 10 months. I know, because of the chords, tubes, mac... Read More »

Would you consider this an eating disorder?

OK, eating a banana and hot pocket? Is this a balanced diet? A banana is a fruit but you are missing certain key nutients. Eating some grains and vegetables each day are critical. You might hav... Read More »