Would you consider this an eating disorder?

Answer OK, eating a banana and hot pocket? Is this a balanced diet? A banana is a fruit but you are missing certain key nutients. Eating some grains and vegetables each day are critical. You might hav... Read More »

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Is this an eating disorder....?

Hi, I know how you feel. I'm 13, 5'7", and weight 103 lbs. you are seriously underweight! I feel the same way towards food. I only eat around 500 calories and mostly burn that off by skipping for a... Read More »

What is this eating disorder called?

it's called bulimarexia (mixture between bulimia and anorexia)

This is killing me! Why do people think I have an eating disorder?

That sounds super annoying,,,that happened to me once just ignore them and make sure they see the real you.

What would be the educational and financial requirements to start an eating disorder clinic?

You would need to know about three subjects: (1) eating disorders (2) nutrition and health (3) managing a health care business For 1, study psychology, for 2, health and nutrition, for 3, business,... Read More »