Would you consider it weird that I always have wikipedia open?

Answer Not really. Wikipedia is one of my most visited sites too.

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Why is Wikipedia acting weird on my computer only?

Because Chrome has a glitch. Change your Zoom to 100%

Is it weird to write a wikipedia artical about yourself when you're not famous or anything?

Yes it's weird. Wikipedia doesn't like it. They aren't a blog.Read their take:…"Self-created articles are often listed on articles for deletion. Deletion... Read More »

Why do Wikipedia article titles look weird on my computer?

Are you using the StumbleUpon toolbar? If so, go to Tools>Toolbar Options>Search & Tagging and untick the four boxes in the "Web Search" section. Click OK and go back onto any Wikipedia article a... Read More »

Why can't I get Wikipedia to open?

Hi there. Seems like your firewall doesn't like Wikipedia for some reason. If you were to temporarily disable your firewall, I am sure that you will be able to access Wikipedia from your computer... Read More »