Would you consider exotic dancing to be a good form of exercise?

Answer I consider it GREAT exercise! I hit the strip clubs all the time, tossing money at the ladies trying to get in shape. I try to be a good motivator for health and wellness.

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How to: Exotic Dancing?

Your experience with exotic dance will depend on how you view it. Some may view it as sinful, nasty, promiscuous, dirty and disgusting. Others may view it as an art, a form of artistic dance that i... Read More »

Would you consider Casio Exilim cameras to be good?

I just bought a casio exilim about a week 1/2 ago. I have owned several different camera brands, and I can honestly tell you that there is nothing like the casio exilim. Especially if you are looki... Read More »

What would you consider to be a good way to motivate employees with low moral?

Put up posters with that kitten hanging on to a tree branch. That always makes me smile when I see it

Would it be good to exercise to take the lawn mower for a walk?

Only if it a really noisy petrol one,,take it shopping in town today,,they`re sure to appreciate it,,lol