Would you consider alcohol a drug?

Answer YES it is a drug and should not be played with and used as medication for anxiety.

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Do you consider marijuana a drug?

It's a drug. Many drugs come from plants and plants grow in soil.Do you think heroin is a drug? It derives from the opium plants. Which grows in soil. Do you think cocaine is a drug? It comes from ... Read More »

Is tequila just another kind of alcohol or is it a different kind of drug (plus alcohol)?

different types of liquor are made by using different productsvodka = wheat/potato/corn/barleygin = vodka+junipertequila = agaveEvery type uses a little different method or set of ingredients that ... Read More »

Would anyone consider a Sunday or weekend boycott on buying gasoline How would you do it?

It's been tried in the past and didn't work very well. For one thing, people have to go fill up before it or after it, so the oil companies don't miss much. A new thing has been going around the ... Read More »

Will the court consider the wishes of a 13 year old who wants to live with her father has multiple arrests for DUI and drug offenses?

Answer They will consider them, but don't have to abide by them. CA Family Law Code3042. (a) If a child is of sufficient age and capacity to reason soas to form an intelligent preference as to cu... Read More »