Would you classify crops Within olericulture?

Answer olericulture plant classificationcrops can be classified according to the following edible parts root types rooot depth scientific classification that is through botany pH tollerance photopris... Read More »

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How would you classify my blog :)?

very indie if you know what i mean. hipster ish. It's very pretty I like it very inspirational.Working on my tumblr right now but mine would beBasicbarbie-b*tch.tumblr.comwithout the star to cross ... Read More »

How would you classify this camera?

It's a bridge camera (compact-sized sensor and non-interchangeable superzoom lens). It's a fairly good one because it has a viewfinder - although this is electronic.It isn't a DSLR, because it doe... Read More »

How would you define root crops?

Root crops would basically be vegetables that are harvested in root form. Potatos, radishes, and carrots would be examples of root crops.

Would you classify your dentist as a friend?

In a recent DDU magazine there was an article on patients giving their dentists Valentines gifts. Can you believe people actually do that? XD