Would you choose a play-based or academics-based preschool for your child?

Answer I would definitely go for a play based preschool. A play based preschool is also a child-centered preschool. Play is a child's way of learning, and a center that understands that concept is well ... Read More »

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Why would a company based in the US choose to purchase items from foreign firm?

What would be a common solvent for oil based paint and water based paint?

Choose your favorite names based on meaning part 5!!!?

Interesting!Levi MilesTheodore BennettRosalie AliceLevi and Theodore aren't bad by actual name. Rosalie is a beautiful name as is Alice, but I don't like them as a combination. :)

Based on your birthday, what would you name be if you were a boy?

Heath Nolan...:) It's not as bad as I'd thought, not something I'd choose though.