Would you buy original or pirated softwares/movies?

Answer I hate paying for software beecause I ALWAYS find flaws in them. Open Souurce is the way to go.

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Where would I upload a very large college-type picture so it would appear the original size?

photobucket, flickr, those types of websites should all keep the original sized image that you upload, but the *default* image that other people see will be scaled down. But, they (or you) will st... Read More »

I sure would love the original recipe for?

Do you mean Chiquita Punch?From a bar book1&1/2 oz. banana Liqueur Make it a banana instead to keep away from alcohol1 & 1/2 oz orange juice1 & 1/2 oz cream3/4 oz grenadine Replace this with cher... Read More »

What would be the worth of original Holocaust photographs?

Original photographs of the Holocaust itself are extremely rare as photography without permission was strictly forbidden. Similarly, photos of Nazi atrocities taken at the time are also very rare. ... Read More »

How would you get an original picture of your fore fathers?

What you can do be nice for your sister is mabe buy her a cake or buy her a present of what she really likes.