Would you buy an iMac or just get a monitor for an existing MacBook Pro?

Answer It does depend on how you use your Mac. If you use it for business you may be assured that you have two computers should fail. If you only do social and 'low priority' work, the monitor only option... Read More »

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Would gout be considered a pre-existing condition - if it subsequently moves to your hands - after taking out the insurance would it be considered pre existing?

If you had gout any where in your body previously then it is a pretty safe bet that it wil be described as a pre-existing condition iif you get it any where else. Gout is the result of uric acid cr... Read More »

Would it be better to buy an iMac and a dslr or just a high end dslr?

"I'm quite new to dslr cameras". "the camera to film for y youtube channel"Don't overkill with a full frame camera. You will not be using camera all the time but your 27" iMac will make you happy m... Read More »

Will adding 2 x 4GB RAM to the existing 2 x 2GB RAM in my iMac work?

Yes 2 X 4GB will work with the existing 2 X 2GB giving you access to 12GB which should be plenty for iMovie and Aperture.Crucial are about as reliable as you can get.

How to Connect MacBook Pro to an iMac?

Apple Macintosh computers running the Mac OS X operating system, such as the MacBook Pro laptop and the iMac desktop, are capable of connecting to each other both through a network and directly wit... Read More »