Would you buy a minor alcohol?

Answer If they were over 18 and not just some random person...that's what the drinking age should be.

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What countries/cities can you buy alcohol as a minor (14 and upwards)?

In Germany it's legal to drink at a young age

What happens if you're a minor and the cops catch you drinking beer and alcohol?

It depends on the situation. Cops can use discretion when making arrests. They can decide to take the beer away and send you home, they can call your parents and let them punish you or they can a... Read More »

Can you be in USAF security forces with a minor in possession of alcohol?

The answer is simple and might suprise you, if the USAF will let you join with that charge then you can join Security Forces. The only hinderance for a minor that prevents you from joining Security... Read More »

If a minor was served alcohol with a fake I.D. would the establishment be fined also?

If you could prove it yeah... but to be honest unless you are at the place severing you drinks it is rather hard to prove, at least id say more than 3 days have passed. If they have cameras and it ... Read More »