Would you buy a butterfinger for 1.25?

Answer Nope

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What si better A Butterfinger or a Reeses?

In my opinion a Reeses for sure!!! Remember those commercials where they showed how the chocolate would collide with the peanut butter?

How did the Butterfinger candy bar get its name?

Nestle's crispy peanut butter confection, the Butterfinger bar, owes its trademark name to its fans. At its inception, the candy bar's original manufacturers sponsored a public contest to choose th... Read More »

Who invented the butterfinger candy bar?

The Butterfinger Candy Bar was invented by the Curtiss Candy Company in 1923. The Curtiss Candy Company was also responsible for inventing the Baby Ruth, another popular candy bar. The company pr... Read More »

How to Make Butterfinger Ice Cream?

Delicious Butterfinger Ice CreamNestle's Butterfinger is one of the top candy bars in the world. Made with peanut butter and chocolate, they are really good. They are so famous, people make Butterf... Read More »