Would you become a cannibal to stay alive ?

Answer hmm i think anyone would if that was the only way to stay alive

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How often do you have to eat to stay alive?

Very little. You don't need that much food to stay alive. For a day, you're supposed to eat 3 oz of meat [chicken, beef, turkey, fish, etc...], which is a size of a deck of cards . If you eat over ... Read More »

Why do you stay alive?

because theres little things that come up out of all the bad big things in the world that make me happy , and i like coming across those once in awhile, i could do that if i just gave up now could i?

Can a bee sting you and then stay alive?

I heard it can give a minor sting and live, but a major sting pulls the stinger out the bee and it dies.

Are babies going to stay alive?

Some babies will, some won't. Some babies die of neglection or things like that, others die of health problems. Some even die for an unknown reason (SIDS) while still a few weeks old or less. Many ... Read More »