Would you be willing to sign a Save Windows XP petition?

Answer Yes, but I doubt that it will do any good. I think, when I can afford it, my next laptop just might be an Apple.Microsoft is working to make their operating systems do everything so that they cont... Read More »

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Animal Lovers - Please sign the petition?

Signed, i hope it will help but petitions are often not taken seriously.

Is it possible for the father of your child to sign over parental rights without going to court if he is willing to do it?

Answer Yes you could, but it's best to do it the legal way just in case the father has a change of heart.Good luck Not In The US In the US any relinquishment of parental rights must be done accordi... Read More »

Sign this petition for an "AM I PREGNANT" section to stop all the questions!!?

I'm extremely tired of it. Especially since half of the "Am I pregnant?!" questions are stupid teenagers.Stop being lazy and take a damn pregnancy test. Or go to your doctor. If you're 15 and pregn... Read More »

Would you be willing to risk...?

No...that being said...I think banning peanut butter might *help* keep an allergic child safe, but it also provides a false sense of security...There is peanut in a million products...not only that... Read More »