Would you be willing to sign a Save Windows XP petition?

Answer Yes, but I doubt that it will do any good. I think, when I can afford it, my next laptop just might be an Apple.Microsoft is working to make their operating systems do everything so that they cont... Read More »

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Animal Lovers - Please sign the petition?

Signed, i hope it will help but petitions are often not taken seriously.

Sign this petition for an "AM I PREGNANT" section to stop all the questions!!?

I'm extremely tired of it. Especially since half of the "Am I pregnant?!" questions are stupid teenagers.Stop being lazy and take a damn pregnancy test. Or go to your doctor. If you're 15 and pregn... Read More »

Huh why was Wikipedia shut down earlier. and why is asking me to sign some petition?

They are protesting some acts the government are trying to pass. Personally I think the acts are a bunch of bs and that they shouldn't. And this act called SOPA (or PIPA) is for copyright infringem... Read More »

In a kinship adoption if both parents voluntarily sign over rights do you need to file a petition to adopt in Indiana?

Is really important to adopt a child because you are giving him a home. Most important is that they need someone to take care of them and most important love them. The're a lot of kids that need a ... Read More »