Would you be tempted by this...?

Answer no because ill start drinking again

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Anyone else tempted to take a test i'm in two minds here?

im sorry for your loss,remember that 1 in 4 pregnancy results in miscariage and most of these happen before a women even realises shes pregant.miscarriage is rarely the women's fault either, more t... Read More »

Ever been tempted to edit a wikipedia pg?

What is wrong with you morons. You at some piont will also need information from wiki. why fu*k with it :/ THIS IS WRONG.One reason i love wikipedia compared to other sources is because the expl... Read More »

I need extensive dental work and I am tempted to travel to Budapest?

I think traveling anywhere to find cheaper medical care is a great idea, as long as the quality of the care is thoroughly researched and deemed to be safe. Keep us posted if you find a good place!

Why Do White People Smell like Balony im always.Tempted to bite them and smear them with mayo?

So as to be easily differentiated from those who smell like wet dogs after they shower. Also as we evolved to hunt (to the point of extinction) all of our natural predators our brave warriors would... Read More »

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