Would you be reluctant in this situation?

Answer If you are in a situation where you are with your daughters teacher and can talk then you should just explain politely why you chose to make your decision to complain. Tell her something along the ... Read More »

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What would you do in this situation..?

Please go to the hospital ASAP pet. . It could get to cause constant pain which you don`t need. God Bless

What would you do in this situation?

I have three toddlers and this was recently an issue for me. They were all three asleep and I only had cash. What I did was I parked at the pump and hit the "help" button. I told the cashier tha... Read More »

Who would be at fault in this situation: me or the driver?

As long as you're still on the sidewalk, it would be the driver's fault.If you stepped off the sidewalk and on to the parking space in front of the car as it is pulling in to park, it would be your... Read More »

What would happen in this situation?

A nurse better be calling 911. Just because a nurse has medical training doesn't mean they are qualified in the field. There is a reason that in the US a nurse cannot work on an ambulance unless th... Read More »