Would you be jealous if i had this computer?

Answer FOR sure!!! that is mad wicked!!

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Awww hun, I am so sorry that you are going through a tough time at the moment. I know how much you want a baby and I am so happy that you are not giving up.Truth is, as long as you desperatly want ... Read More »

Are you JEALOUS of ME?

Of course your life is just like that. not.

Is it okay to be jealous?

On One Hand: Jealousy Can Be DangerousLike any emotion, jealousy without limitations can be detrimental to your relationships. Constant jealous behavior will cause the recipient of the jealousy to ... Read More »

Would you be jealous?

I used to be rich when i was like 4 years old but now im not. and well people are rich and stuff but, you know im kinda jealous but my grandma and grandpa would always say "the worlds not fair so... Read More »