Would you be in the hospital long if you shot yourself in the foot with a rifle?

Answer Even if it required surgery to repair the damage, they could still be out in a day or so. They don't keep you in for foot injuries. They will just fix it, wrap it up and send you on your way.A guy ... Read More »

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What is the Longest recorded shot with an M16 Rifle?

What is the longest recorded shot made with a 308 rifle?

About 1000-1100 meters is the maximum effective range for the .308. The bullet begins to drop into subsonic speeds at just over 900 meters.

I just shot myself in the leg. Should I go to the hospital?

It depends, are you bleeding? If this is a serious questions, certainly, you should seek medical attention.

Can a sniper rifle kill a full grown elephant in one shot?

Certainly the M82 (Barrett) and its numerous variants is a qualified Elephant Gun since it employs the .50 caliber BMG cartridge (12.7x99mm NATO). Many other Sniper Rifles are capable of killing su... Read More »