Would you be able to pass a breathalyzer right now if you had to take one?

Answer yes i can do all of the above,except say the alphabet backwards,i cannot do that stone sober.

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Who would pass a breathalyzer test right now?

It's 12:23 mwo brun umon! i'll mult thr weeee thngees ta slaag! I'llwurrrrrrrrry come thr dwan!14 hours later, and I have recovered don't shout! Translation:It's 12:23 now bring them on! I'll melt ... Read More »

Would I be able to pass the D.O.T. physical?

it shouldn't cause you any problems for your physical. the big things they look for in a dot physical are if you are diabetic, that your vision is a minimum of 20/40 in each eye, your hearing is ... Read More »

How long does it take after I smoke marajuana to be able to pass a saliva drug test?

It depends on how muc you smoke, in some cases 2 weeks in others a month or ever 3 months if you smoke a lot.

If you were stabbed in the throat, would you be able to scream How long would it take to die?

wow this screenplay is morbid.Depends If the knife severed the carotid artery , it could cause profuse and pulsatile bleeding, causing blood pressure to drop significantly , then death would occur ... Read More »