Would you be able to pass a breathalyzer right now if you had to take one?

Answer yes i can do all of the above,except say the alphabet backwards,i cannot do that stone sober.

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Who would pass a breathalyzer test right now?

It's 12:23 mwo brun umon! i'll mult thr weeee thngees ta slaag! I'llwurrrrrrrrry come thr dwan!14 hours later, and I have recovered don't shout! Translation:It's 12:23 now bring them on! I'll melt ... Read More »

I have 6 days to pass a piss test ive smokedabout 5 joints in the last 2 weeks can i pass?

Sure ya can, just dont puff anymore ganja and drink a boatload of water. At least a few gallons a day. Also, eat a healthy diet with little fat. Don't be fooled by the other folks that say drink ... Read More »

What is the requirements to pass Navy Seal Training Not to join but to pass to become one?

There is no set requirement to pass Navy SEAL training, or BUD/s. You should blow the minimum requirements to join out of the water because that is just the minimum. Go into BUD/s as a very well co... Read More »

How to Take a Breathalyzer Test?

Breathalyzer Tests don't actually test alcohol, they test light. How you breath before you blow will determine whether you test higher or lower than your actual BAC.