Would you be able to move your neck if you fractured it ?

Answer i hope you learned not to do that anymore-ever. i hope you also know that a medical doctor is useless, they know nothing about dealing with such problems. now go see an hio method chiropractor and ... Read More »

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Would you know if you fractured or dislocated your neck right away Would you know if you broke it ?

Calm down. You didn't break it, you would already be paralyzed if ou did. But you should see a doctor if possible.

If you fractured your hand/wrist can you still move it?

Fractured N broken are the same thing . Yes you could move it even if broken but the pain would be bad. Also if broken swelling and bruising will occur and the pain will be much worse when moving i... Read More »

If you are the primary custodian of joint custody and live in Kentucky what would you have to do to be able to move out of state?

Answer Nothing. In Kentucky the primary custodian can move the children without the other parent's permission. (at least that was the law in 2000 when I moved out of Kentucky with my kids). My atto... Read More »

Are we able to move to Australia My husband, dog and I are looking to move somewhere new from Ohio.?

Immigration to Australia is totally based on your education, work skills and work experience. they have a list of needed occupations and your occupation must be on that list. Start your research ... Read More »