Would you bandage fingers that have lots of cuts on them?

Answer Yes! Because there is always a risk of infection.

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Do cuts and bruises that have scabbed over heal faster with a band-aid on them?

Once a wound has a scab it is naturally protected and there is no reason to use a bandaid to cover them. Leaving a scabbed-over wound open to air is best to promote completion of the healing proce... Read More »

Do u have to take a person that cuts themselves to a doctor for help or can you help them on your own?

Anyone that cuts themself has a deep rooted problem that needs attention. It is best you help them seek professional help, instead of trying to help them yourself. Getting them professional help ... Read More »

Would vegetarians have less problem eating an animal that would eat them?

I reject to eating shark fin soup as much as I reject to eating rabbit stew.Interesting question.

How would you gauge that the bandage was 'effective'?