Would you bandage fingers that have lots of cuts on them?

Answer Yes! Because there is always a risk of infection.

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How to Bandage Fingers or Toes?

Bandaging an injured finger or toe accomplishes two things. First, it protects the injury and promotes healing. Second, it stabilizes the injured appendage. Here's how you can take care of your hur... Read More »

Okay, your toddler falls down and cuts their knee. Lots (but not a enormous amount) of blood. How do u...?

Put some toilet paper on the wound and hold it in place with about 2 feet of duct tape. Take them to the hospital if they pass out.

What is done to prevent a bandage from shifting in place when applying an emergency bandage to the head?

Wrap the bandage at least once underneath the chin and back around the head to keep it in place.

Toshiba's HD DVD price cuts Brilliant Or like cuts on Betamax before it died?

It is specifically because its a dying/dead format.This years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) started with the surprise announcement by movie giant Warner Bros. that they would no longer support To... Read More »