Would you ask your neighbor for a cup of sugar?

Answer yes i have had to more than once, i have the same as you all ways repay them back for their kindness.

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If you lived in cartoon land who would you least like to have as your neighbor?

Bugs Bunny Tasmanian Devil Elmer Fudd Daffy Duck Goofy Spongebob Bart Simpson

Hypothetically speaking, how would you notify your next-door neighbor of an irregular mole…?

Ask to borrow her sharpie, and draw a circle around the mole and draw little hearts, stupid.Get a monocle and a top hat. I'll show you my moles.

Would it affect the housing value on the block if your neighbor installed and operated a washing machine in...?

I think your neighborhood just hit a new low... altho, they may now be out stylin' in their CLEAN clothes! :-DI just spent about 45 minutes pulling my neighbor's weeds. Whatcha gonna do? I'm downwi... Read More »

How would you feel if your blood sugar was 27?

Most likely coma/unconsciousness for most people, although I have seen/heard of people walking and talking with a BGL of ~30.