Would you allow your kids preschool/kindergarten teacher have a lisp?

Answer Hmmm. Good question. I don't think I could object to that. I certainly wouldn't mind if one of my children's teachers had a Spanish, German, or southern accent, so I don't think it would be a va... Read More »

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Can you be fostered by your teacher when your 16 if you live with them. and would your biological parent have to sign papers ie find out?

Well always is...O and you should like me. Cause i like you.

Do you ever allow your kids to wear these kind of shirts (don't click if you don't have a sense of humor)?

God I love!! Okay, straight up, it's great for a laugh both the adult and child version. It's not really offensive if you think about some of them. For example, there's an adult shir... Read More »

If you had as many kids as there are names on your favorites list, just how many kids would you have?

I'd have 14 children, 9 girls and 5 boys :)Girls:1. Rosalie Katherine2. Caroline Ruby3. Juliana Eve4. Elisabeth Lucille5. Esmé Charlotte6. Lila Juliet7. Violet Matilda8. Grace Madeleine9. Lillian ... Read More »

If you had your way,what would be the minimum age you would allow people to drive?

The minimum requirements to drive should be a high school diploma or GED cert., completing a formal certified professional driver's ed program and be at least 18 yrs. old. This way the pressures of... Read More »